1992 campus sexual assault victims bill of rights act

Institutions are required to provide information about where a student should report a sex offense along with information about the importance of preserving evidence for possible criminal prosecution, and are obligated to afford students the following rights -Institutions must also implement internal disciplinary procedures for sexual assault cases.

was signed into law by President George Bush in July of 1992.

Definitions, even of such terms as “campus” and “student,” were often a challenge and contributed to inconsistency in calculating the number of reported sexual assaults. These include prevention programs; reader-friendly, easily accessible, and widely distributed sexual assault policies; and allowing anonymous, confidential, and third-party reporting.

Only 37 percent of the schools studied reported their statistics in the required manner; for example, most schools failed to distinguish forcible and nonforcible sex offenses in their reports as required by the Clery Act. Learn more from NIJ’s Sexual Assault on Campus: What Colleges and Universities Are Doing About It.

It also requires the school to notify victims of their option to report their assault to the proper law enforcement authorities.

several articles thoroughly reviewed the medical implications for these victims.

In Britain such attacks, particularly those against men, are believed to be underreported, and as a result many of them do not show up in official statistics.

Attacks against individuals due to their social or political activities, or due to their religious beliefs also occur.

Overall, most schools — close to 80 percent — submit the annual security report required by the Act to the U. Department of Education; more than two-thirds include their crime statistics in the report.

Learn more about crime rates on most American campuses by visiting the Department of Education Web site.

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