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I’d be surprised if Markle didn’t quickly settle into the role of modern-day princess with her own personal take on social issues.But even if Markle doesn’t speak her mind at every turn, her presence will speak volumes in photographs seen around the world: an American-born black woman can be and do the seemingly impossible — including assuming the role of princess in Western culture.As for Markle, I bet her willingness to stand in her truth — despite racist backlash from the British tabloids when it became clear this time last year that she was, in fact, Prince Harry’s main squeeze — is absolutely why she’s on her way to becoming the future Duchess of Sussex.Just by saying, “I do,” Markle will break the mold of colonization and white supremacy that has defined the British aristocracy.

Here’s the median income of all marriage combos in America: White & Asian – ,000 Asian & Asian – ,000 White & White – ,000 White & Hispanic – ,900 White & Black – ,187 Black & Black – ,700 Hispanic & Hispanic – ,000 Now, let’s zero in on Black Americans who marry outside their race.

“It becomes a vortex or self-fulfilling prophecy that will become your reality if you let it.” But that’s why Markle’s engagement news is giving me life: She’s helping to change this sad narrative into a fairy tale.

And we’re seeing more and more high-profile examples of black women experiencing joy in nontraditional romantic partnerships. Philly-bred rapper Eve, who married British millionaire Maximillion Cooper three years ago, caught some internet hell for marrying a white man, but they’re still going strong.

— that will go on in advance of the royal wedding, there is one more exciting piece of this modern-day fairy tale: a woman of color — a 36-year-old, divorced American black woman — has straight-up landed herself a real-life prince! This news is particularly heartwarming when black women are constantly inundated with purported statistics that try to prove we won’t get the happily ever after.

Take the canker from my Facebook feed this weekend: Quartzy Global Life Style editor David Kaufman attempted to explain why former first daughter Malia Obama would be kissing a fellow Harvard student who is — gasp — a white guy.

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