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Sandals are recommended as you may have to cross the creek a number of times along the way.

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You will cross the Hudson River (signed) at The Glen then continue north on RT 28 about 2.5 miles more and turn east (right) on Harrington Rd.. Truly a beautiful spot, with sandy beaches and rock ledges.

I am a police officer in the Village of Canajoharie, New York. This area is posted as TRESPASS and numerous individuals have been arrested there so far this year [2012].

There is NO swimming in the Canajoharie Gorge at all..." This is in Floral Park.

From there, if you follow the creek, you will pass several swimming places FIRST HOLE, SECOND HOLE, THIRD HOLE until you get to Skinny Dip Falls LINK TO INFO AND PHOTOS . Updated 7/2010 An easier way to get into the gorge, further south, i.e., upstream, of the way above. When you get to Mayville, turn west (right) on RT 430.

LAT, LON [HIKE TO] lat=42.25181, lon=-79.57414(source: De Lorme) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. There is a very nice, deep swimming hole right at the bottom of this trail but it is hard to walk up or downstream from here unless you walk in the creek. Go about 1.5 miles then turn west (right) on Hannum Rd.. about 3 miles (turns into gravel) to where there is a picnic area and some primitive (no tables, no water, porta-potties) camping.

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