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As Sherman had served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Rutherford B.

In the campaign, Mc Kinley advocated "sound money", promised that high tariffs would restore prosperity, and denounced Bryan as a radical who promoted class warfare.Mc Kinley's first presidential inauguration was held on March 4, 1897, in front of the Original Senate Wing, at the U. It was the first inaugural ceremony recorded by a motion picture camera. foreign interventions, declaring, Sherman was not Mc Kinley's first choice for the position; he initially offered it to Senator William Allison.Mc Kinley gave a lengthy inaugural address, in which he urged tariff reform, and stated that the currency issue would have to await tariff legislation. One consideration in Senator Sherman's appointment was to provide a place in the Senate for Mark Hanna, Mc Kinley's close ally who had turned down a Cabinet position as Postmaster General.Louis in June, Mc Kinley had an ample majority of delegates, and he won the nomination on the first ballot of the convention.Hanna selected Republican National Committee vice chairman Garret Hobart of New Jersey for vice president.

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