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Like old cars, speaker drivers may need new/restored suspensions to work properly.I've seen vintage drivers with softened spiders lacking elasticity and resilience and being pretty much useless despite pristine cone and voice coil.

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We're into instrument making and I'm sure several years could be spent in gaining sufficient experience to control the technology.If it only has to be kept on the shelf, this is fine with me.If the equipment actually has to be used we may leave things as they are and not really enjoy the full potential of an e.g. It's like digging out an old Gran Torino from the barn and leave it rusty and dented and never again enjoy the ride as it once was.Sound radiated from a large panel - being close to an infinite baffle - is certainly different from any usual slim-line speaker with their inevitable baffle edge diffraction, and the wide panels have qualities that makes you wonder if this is not really what it The OB-11 panels will be part of my stock speakers. I think it will be the only speaker on these pages - so far - having a front grille.On one side these panels are a gift to head-bangers as they can play immensely loud with low distortion. Being some 85-90 cm wide we kind of have to try make them look like a piece of furniture although non-hifi visitors most likely will raise the question on what the heck are these strange looking panels? Ideally I would like to have a larger demo room with a room-wide, acoustically transparent curtain in front of the speakers, elimination the listeners ability to see what he's listening to.

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