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It is common for young women to have curfew even into their 30s.

The curfew time depends on the woman, but don’t be surprised if you are dating a girl who is 25 and she insists she has to be home by 10pm.

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Every girls hates it when their boyfriend says, “I’m going back home now… Thanks for the year of free sex and being my tour guide. Well, they don’t actually say those words, but the meaning is similar. A Korean woman is very respectful, loyal and obedient to her parents and the parents, in turn, are very protective and meddlesome about their daughter’s personal affairs.They will certainly start any relationship with suspicion. Early on, you may find that your new girlfriend will want to check your phone for evidence of you seeing another woman.She may be aggressive about this, so be ready to hand over your phone.Don’t whine about it being your personal privacy, just hand over the damn phone. The act of allowing her access to your phone will go a long way in gaining her trust quickly and destroy her suspicions.If you are stubborn and insist on not showing your phone, she will eventually get her hands on it and check it whether you like it or not.

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