Dating sites with photos

She had gained some weight since, and definitely looked 8 years older.I told my friend about that, and her answer was, “But I still look the same!Free, quality experiences can be had within minutes of signing up.

What do you think, is it OK to have old pictures on a dating site if you are still looking good? She was constantly going on first dates, and used every dating site under the sun. However, being quite an attractive and sexy woman, she never managed to find a man to her liking.” I said, “No, you do not”, and she got very upset.She insisted that the guys coming to dates said she was pretty, and some people thought she looked like she was 25 (she was 40, and looked like she was 39).You may think you are still looking the same as 5 years ago (or even better), but you are not.Having old photos in your profile is misleading, and does you a disservice.

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