Dating victrola records

Johnson refined the design of the gramophone, which until that time had been dominated by a large horn to amplify the sound.In order to fit more comfortably in a home, the horn was tilted down and the entire device placed in a cabinet.Welcome to the Discography of American Historical Recordings (DAHR), a database of master recordings made by American record companies during the 78rpm era.It is part of the American Discography Project (ADP)—an initiative of the University of California, Santa Barbara and the Packard Humanities Institute that is edited by a team of researchers based at the UCSB Library.

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The record was set to sell at ,800 when, minutes before the auction ended, it shot up to ,000.

DAHR entries describing recordings made by Columbia Records, the Berliner Gramophone Co., OKeh Records, and Zonophone Records are based on authoritative published discographies, supplemented with new research, examination of recordings in the collections of the University of California Santa Barbara Library, and submissions from record collectors and archives.

To begin your research, enter names, titles, places, matrix or catalog numbers below, or click on the advanced browse or search buttons above.

DAHR currently includes information on more than 164,000 master recordings (matrixes) made by Victor, Columbia, OKeh, Berliner, and Zonophone.

Details on the editing progress on each company's masters is here.

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