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Okay, there’s a show about a sponge, and there’s a show about fairly oddparents, and about this and that, and they would put new stuff on all the time. I said, “If they give it the proper treatment, this show will do really really well,” and thankfully, it has.

They were really taking a lot of chances back then. They weren’t making them all in one place like they are now. But I knew that it would be all in the writing, it would be up to me to make it funny, and I just wanted to make it as funny as possible.

It sat there for three or four years and then finally an exec came in and said, “Hey what’s that?

” and I said that’s a show called and he goes, “Maybe we should think about doing that one.” So I literally — this was like in 2012 — then I started really actively developing it, and about two years later, I was given the green light to do a storyboard and then slowly but surely did it.

I know people love it, but it all just comes down to ratings.

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All the shows take just as much pressure and time and effort, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I actually interviewed a couple other show runners to do , too.

George has worked on everything I’ve ever done with me, and you really find those key people you want to keep in key places. We don’t work with a lot of animators here because all of our animation is done out of house. And so, I will redeem Jar Jar Binks through this cartoon. BUTCH HARTMAN: Well, you can expect comedy, number one. We don’t just toss them out there and hope people go, “Oh it’s a cartoon, it’s only for kids.” We never look down on our audience. They are characters that grow on you, they’re going to be characters kids want to follow around no matter where they go.

We do all the pre-production and the writing here, but all of the actual animation for is done in Canada. The thing about Jeremy, he did a great voice and also he’s a super funny guy. We really really put a ton of effort into the writing. Kids are going to want to have a friend like Bunsen and hopefully maybe even a stuffed Bunsen toy in their house, you never know.

TZN: I think I have an idea of what you’re talking about. You know how Tim Burton works with Johnny Depp all the time? I need to get this stuff done quick and great and I need people to help me do it that way. BUTCH HARTMAN: Well, I’ve got my art director George Goodchild who is on my show right now. We cast Kari Wahlgren, who I had just hired to be Chloe on the and it was very funny, and so we just kept that.

So in terms of putting together your cast and crew, I noticed that you’re working with Guy Moon again. And I’ve got my story editor, Ray De Laurentis, who has worked with me on . Then finding Mikey and Bunsen was a challenge, especially Bunsen. We were looking everywhere, and everybody was coming in doing a little tiny Jar Jar Binks and he was very funny.

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