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To my experience, tickets get checked by people dressed as passengers, so you cannot notice them when entering the metro and change your path.When the doors close, they rapidly ask everyone to show their tickets.The usual penalty is a fine, with jail time only for those who do not pay.(These fines are scaled with the income of the defendant, so everybody should be able to pay ...) As far as game theory goes, a criminal conviction on the record is a bad thing for many people.I was checked twice on the same day during my 3-day visit in Berlin, which was quite a shock to me.There are no barriers to enter the metro where I live, and I get checked once a month on average.I always suspected though, that they use that rule to get rid of people hanging around stations and asking for used tickets and selling them back to others. They will note down name and address and then you will be fined 40 €.Tickets get checked periodically by BVG personnell on the train. (If you get caught repeatedly, you might even get sued at some point, but normally that's only the case if you're a regular offender.) If you can't prove your identity, they will take you to the next police station so that they will identify you.

I have never heard of anyone getting fined for using the same ticket on the way back though.If you are tourist and buy them from a counter, maybe the clerk would warn you about it but IIRC ticket machines always give you an “open ticket” (except the machines placed As an addition: tickets sold in some kinds of selling machines (like in some/most/all (?) trams, and at the bus drivers) are pre-validated, i.e. (These usually have a different format and don't fit the stamping machines.) This is annoying when you try to buy some tickets for later use, and then realize that they are valid [email protected] Poloni, generally criminal charges are only filed for repeat offenders.Im visit Berlin Souvenirshop finden Sie eine Vielzahl dekorativer, praktischer und klassischer Berlin-Souvenirs.Von Ampelmann bis Buddy Bear, hier entdecken Sie Inspirationenen für Mitbringel aus der Haupstadt und persönlichen Reiseandenken.

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