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La réserve du Néouvielle qui s’étend sur 2313 hectares et entre 1800 et 3091 mètres d’altitude est un espace naturel unique.

Elle est une des premières réserves naturelles de France (créée en 1936).

We recommend that you contact the merchant in advance to ensure that you will have sufficient funds to cover the purchase and any pre-authorization amount. Can I use my CAT Platinum Visa Card™ to pay-at-the-pump for gas?

Yes, but a pay-at-the-pump transaction may involve a pre-authorization of or more.

Yes, the card is available in every Province and Territory in Canada. How long does it take to get my personalized card in the mail? No, the CAT Platinum Visa Card™ is a reloadable prepaid credit card.

Your new personalized CAT Platinum Visa Card™ will arrive in the mail by Canada Post up to 2-5 weeks from the date of approval. Credit checks are not required to become a CAT Platinum Visa Card™ cardholder. Can I still get a CAT Platinum Visa Card™ if I have bad credit? CAT Platinum Visa Card™ has our own method of approving our customers. The CAT Platinum Visa Card™ are personalized with the card holders' name. You must activate your card pre-load funds onto your card before you can start using the card. The application fee, and previously paid monthly fees are not refundable.

Once you receive your new personalized card in the mail, you should sign the back then activate it immediately. When can I start to use my CAT Platinum Visa Card™? You may load your card by logging in online to My Account, using your user name and password ID. There is a minimum load of and a maximum load of ,500. Can I add funds to my CAT Platinum Visa Card™ at an ATM? You can only add funds to your Card by logging in to My Account. You can also withdraw cash at over 1 million ATMs worldwide. Can I use my CAT Platinum Visa Card™ to make online purchases?

You can start using your new card immediately after you activate and load your card. The maximum balance on the CAT Platinum Visa Card™ cannot exceed ,000 at any time. Yes, you can use your card to make purchases from online stores including dating and travel booking sites. You can check your card balance 24/7 by accessing your online account at My Account, or by calling 1-888-414-3733. If your purchase is greater than your card’s available balance, the transaction will be declined. Can I use my CAT Platinum Visa Card™ to withdraw cash from ATMs?

Please keep in mind that car rental companies will process a pre-authorization for much more than the actual cost of the rental until which time you return the vehicle and settle for extra charges such as fuel, damage, road tolls, extra days, etc.The CAT Platinum Visa Card™ gives you the power to make purchases worldwide anywhere Visa cards are accepted.The CAT Platinum Visa Card™ is reloadable so you can add money to the card over and over again.You may be asked for additional information if needed for further identification purposes.You are able to upload them online during the application process. Is the card available in every Province and Territory in Canada?

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