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Too often, she says, hostility is engendered because local people are kept in the dark about upcoming proposals until they are well down the road.

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Three Edinburgh primary schools have already been part of a pilot project and last year in Glasgow the YEP!It is a very timely debate to be having in Scotland at a moment when recent suggestions from south of the Border seem to concentrate on removing some community rights to accelerate economic activity.Objecting for the sake of it, or indulging in unnecessary inquiries in which the only certain beneficiaries are the lawyers certainly isn't the way to a harmonious drive for growth.KARMME has been an exclusively online store for 3 years, owner Imby Langenbach wanted an opportunity for KARMME clients old and new to be able to touch and feel the KARMME ‘ladies’ as they are referred to.Featuring a range of KARMME’s premium Italian leather clutches & totes from classic, metallics and shibori ranges.

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