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Downstairs, Doctor Lauren substitutes the kitchen for her home lab and test tubes for cupcakes and mutters to herself over Bo’s loud moans and banging noises from above. “It just keeps going like a Grateful Dead jam.” Snort. Ah honey, the only “science” happening upstairs is . Kenzi wonders unpleasantly if that means the doc is going to being hanging around while Bo is “experimenting.” The doc says once Bo reaches “completion” she’ll take more blood samples and do more science stuff in order to perfect a “cure.” There’s a line here about Bo’s spiked progesterone that gets cut. ), Kenzi claims she has an amazeballz case for them, Bo sharply suggests it would be better for a non-naked time, and Doctor Lauren wrings her hands and apologizes badly. ” she chirps at the naked woman in her girlfriend’s bed. There’s another dose of and then the doc follows Kenzi out—quickly.

Kenzi suddenly finds a gig and runs upstairs to interrupt Bo’s feeding session, Doctor Lauren yapping at her heels. But has the doc never actually seen Bo feed one on one before? Bo and Blue exchanges disappointed glances, but it’s clear the mood has been irrevocably broken.

), Doctor Lauren geeks about the new injections she working on to cure Bo’s hunger. Having dispensed with Trick and regained control of her responses, the doc tells Bo that this is indeed what she wants. In matching movements, both Doctor Lauren and Bo turn and track her as the woman greets and joins her friends. Doctor Lauren does not look happy, more resigned to enduring what comes next.

Doctor Lauren nods smugly: “Not those kinds of heads.” Oh, They have an amused non-verbal exchange.Doctor Lauren uncomfortably calls after her that she left a cup by the sink for Bo when she’s finished. “For my – science,” Doctor Lauren adds because she just can’t shut up about it. Bo’s wearing an aubergine top so dark it almost looks black and it is ? “Hmm Smorgasbord,” Bo hums to Not Kenzi in a totally not creepy way (I lied.Bo smiles and quickly thanks her admitting that she’s already so thirsty. Bo welcomes them all to her first ever 2-for-1 special. “Tell me everything.” Lover takes Wife’s seat at the table and tells an increasingly disgusted Bo about how Graham and she were soul mates for the last six months while he cheated on his wife. It’s totally creepy.) Two men make out while a woman hovers around them trying to find a space to slide into. Bo says she hasn’t seen this many buns since bake off night at The Dal and Not Kenzi jokes that she should just think of wrinkled old men and wrinkled old raisins.She goes on to tell Trick that Bo has developed a resistance to the old shots . Bo wets herself over Doctor Lauren’s manufactured response and praises the doc for being really “mature” about this. As she leaves Doctor Lauren at the bar, the doc breathes deep and braces herself.Actually, she’s being petty and selfish and lying through her teeth, but whatever. Oh, just, explain, but never ever justify or excuse, Bo’s behavior is if this is actually the writer’s subtly layering in fundamental changes to Bo as a result of her Super Succubus experience against The Garuda.

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    Like most Gnostic records, many of the Nag Hammadi manuscripts are written in Coptic, a traditional Egyptian language.

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    My plan was foiled, however, when Hurricane Hermine struck the coast and left me stuck at home with my family, where we all got drunk and played a full game of Monopoly. When I returned to New York, I realized that I wasn’t going to get anyone to meet up face-to-face on any of these sites.

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