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)As you might have also noticed, 1.14’s leaderboards have been taken down and as of this post, 1.14 is no longer supported by the Platinum Team.The main reason behind it is that Marble Blast Platinum will be updated to 1.50 Beta 3.With the update we will be migrating 1.14’s database to 1.50.We have removed all cheated times and the odd 1-2 seconds on several levels like Space Station.Eguy has a contender for Video of the Decade, blazing through 46 levels with tenfold of that in style points. Back then it contained 120 new levels (and 27 more Director's Cut levels) which challenged many even to this day, and quickly became Marble Blast Gold's first full-scale modification.

I will move back in roughly the middle of May and will not be very active around that time.

Active participation in forum threads and helpful contributions to website content will earn you more achievements and in turn more achievement points.

In the future, you will be able to unlock new features on the website and (possibly) in some of the Marble Blast mods.

Ends up Linux and Windows users cannot play with each other, but Mac/Linux users can. We are aware of the numerous bugs in the dedicated servers, and we are accepting bug reports with regards to them.

More information will be available in the patch notes.- New Single Player level selection UI- New features including a spawn replay saving system for Multiplayer.

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