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Alongside the mob mentality, the story speaks about people who blindly follow traditions without thinking of the consequences of those traditions.

Explaining just what I had hoped the story to say is very difficult.

On the morning of the lottery, the townspeople gather close to 10 a.m.

In a small village of about 300 residents, the locals are in an excited yet nervous mood on June 27.This, juxtaposed with "Harry Jones" (in all its commonness) and "Dickie Delacroix" (of-the-Cross) urges us to an awareness of the Hairy Ape within us all, veneered by a Christianity as perverted as "Delacroix," vulgarized to "Dellacroy" by the villagers. Delacroix, warm and friendly in her natural state, who will select a stone "so large she had to pick it up with both hands" and will encourage her friends to follow suit ... Adams," at once progenitor and martyr in the Judeo-Christian myth of man, stands with "Mrs.Graves"—the ultimate refuge or escape of all mankind—in the forefront of the crowd.That summer she regularly took home 10 to 12 forwarded letters each day.She also received weekly packages from The New Yorker containing letters and questions addressed to the magazine or editor Harold Ross, plus carbon copies of the magazine's responses mailed to letter writers.

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