Outlook asks for password when updating address book

For example, my lab server is named Lab15E2K13.lab15

As such, my two Exchange AB listings are: Exchangeab/Lab15E2K13 Exchangeab/Lab15E2K13.lab15The first step in resolving the Outlook password prompt issue is to open an elevated command prompt window on your mailbox server and enter the There are two things to look for in this screen: Make sure the Exchange AB entries exist and ensure that they list the correct host name and fully qualified domain name.

If this procedure doesn't correct the problem, the issue with the Outlook password prompt is probably related to an improper Global Catalog server registration.

Before I explain how to check for and resolve this issue, I'll point out that this procedure is written for Exchange Server 2013.

Selecting remember my credentials will add the credentials back to Credentials manager, and this will keep you from having to enter your password each time you open outlook.

If this was successful, then Outlook will open up and you will see Connected to Microsoft Exchange in the bottom right corner of Outlook as shown below.

If you continue having trouble resolving the issue, make sure your external DNS entries are correct and your Autodiscover service is properly configured.

Expand each one and select remove or remove from vault.

You should be presented with the Windows security box prompting you for your new credentials.

Enter your new password and check the box beside “Remember my credentials”.

If that Exchange Server is not also a Global Catalog server --and it usually isn't -- Kerberos authentication for the corresponding services breaks down.

Fortunately, this problem is usually easy to correct.

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