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You can create recurring appointments, meetings, and events.

Appointments are blocks of time you can mark as free, busy, tentative, out of the office, or working elsewhere.

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Events are just like appointments, except by default, they last at least one complete day.

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This article describes how to keep Outlook from accepting all invitations as "Tentative" and how to keep them from appearing on your calendar before you have accepted them.

While you might think that using an Exchange server would create a hidden connection between the recipient's and organizer's calendar and update the meeting, it doesn't work that way.

Outlook needs the response message returned before it can update the message.

If the recipient uses Outlook (and the TNEF blob is intact), Outlook will process the response and update Tracking.

If Outlook can't process the response, the organizer can update the tracking manually, assuming the recipient sent a response.

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