Reality show dating in the dark

There are plenty of issues to raise your eyebrows at, and the repetitiveness from episode to episode can be tiresome.But all in all, it makes for a delightful guilty pleasure.

The 46-year-old's shooting expedition with her father prompted outrage among a number of viewers.The results vary; sometimes the online lover is a true "catfish" and turns out to be older, less attractive, or even the opposite gender of their assumed identity.Other times, the story is less complex and involves minor lies. This scene-by- scene formula is present in every MTV reality show, particularly those that feature a different person each episode (16 & Pregnant comes to mind, along with older ones like Pimp My Ride.)Clearly, the show is not engineered exactly as it is presented, and there is plenty of speculation as to how genuine the narrative is.When it comes to how he talks about, addresses and tweets about women, President Trump is having a bad week. On Tuesday at an Oval Office conference with reporters, he told an Irish journalist to come over to his desk and told Ireland's newly elected prime minister, who was on the phone, that “she has a nice smile on her face.But his overtly sexist remarks about and to two female journalists are part of a consistent pattern of behavior from him: When Trump feels threatened by a woman, he tries to undercut them by reducing them to stereotypes about their looks and a bag of emotions. So, I bet she treats you well.” The video is hard to watch: President Trump called Ireland's newly elected Prime Minister from the Oval Office to congratulate him on June 27, which reporters were invited to witness.

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