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Matt tries to help Caroline but Jonas stabs him in the neck with a broken bottle and Caroline is forced to give him her blood to save him.Stefan gets to Elena home with Katherine where Jonas is waiting for Elena and Katherine kills him.Stefan informs Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Jeremy (Steven R.Mc Queen) about Katherine and asks Bonnie if she can talk to the Martins and make them work with them. Goodwin) and Luka (Bryton James) meet Stefan and Bonnie to talk but they refuse to work with them.There are enough cliffhangers to definitely leave me clamouring for more and wonder why April 7th is so far, far away, really stellar work from this consistently brilliant show." E. Handled poorly, this philosophy could be disastrous.Reagan of The TV Chick gave the episode an A- rating saying that the episode was interesting, solid and pretty great end for the mid-season finale and opened a ton of interesting doors for the upcoming episodes. Thankfully, the writers have somehow managed to make this path of excess work in their favor, and tonight was no exception." Matt Richenthal of TV Fanatic rated the episode with 4.9/5 saying that the episode did not waste any time to get into action and that it was like a horror movie "as it packed violent deaths, a roaring fire, shocking admissions and a surprise return into just one hour." Diana Steenbergen from IGN rated the episode with 8/10 saying that the truth came out this week since Matt found out about Caroline being a vampire and Jenna found out that Isobel is not dead.But the warlock refuses and uses astral projection to send Luka totally invisible to the Salvatore house and save Elijah.However, Katherine avoids the removal of the dagger and Damon uses a flamethrower to burn Luka to death. Jonas goes to the mystic Grill to revenge the death of Luca attacking Elena, but Katherine lures him and together with Damon and Stefan, they kill him. Jonas attack, and he is confused with the revelation.

That leads the Salvatores to try to find out the place where many witches were murdered in the past to use their power.

Caroline tries to explain him that her blood healed him since she is a vampire and that she will tell him all the truth about it.

Matt freaks out and realizes that Vicky was not crazy when she was talking about vampires before she died and he leaves believing that Caroline and the vampires did something to Vicky.

Before he dies, Jonas grabs Bonnie giving her powers back and showing her how she can kill Klaus.

Matt wakes up at Caroline's house not knowing what happened.

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