Zachar dating

After consulting with his parents, the ex-boyfriend moved to Westtown Township, Pennsylvania, United States in 1998.However, Turner followed him and left threatening voicemails over the following year.Turner began traveling to Pennsylvania to make unannounced visits to the ex-boyfriend's apartment.

Within days of the ruling, however, Turner sent her daughter back to live with her father in Portland Creek while her other two children were sent to Parson's Pond to live with their paternal grandmother.

The case led to a critical overview of Newfoundland's legal and child welfare systems as well as Canada's bail laws.

A 2006 inquiry found serious shortcomings in how the province's social services system handled the case, suggesting that the judges, prosecutors, and child welfare agencies involved were more concerned with presuming Shirley Turner's innocence than with protecting Zachary Turner.

The staff became "so concerned about Shirley Turner's approach to confrontation and the truth that we would never give her feedback or hold any major discussion [with her] alone." These incidents left the supervising physician with the impression that: I felt I was being manipulated whenever I spoke with Shirley Turner.

When negative items would come up she would change the topic to one of my failings.

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